Instruction for Online Other State Tax Payment


•  Computer
•  Internet Broad Band Connection
•  State Bank of India’s Internet Banking Account with Transaction Rights
•  Laser Printer


      1.)  Click on Link,"Pay Taxes for Other State Vehicles"( visible on the Right side of the Page)
      2.)  A new window appears, requiring details namely:

            •  Pay Tax to DTO( DTO to be selected to whom the Tax is to be paid)
            •  Name of the Tax Payer.
            •  Registration No.
            •  Tax Period (either Life Time, Quarterly, Monthly, Daily)
            •  Tax From Date and Tax To date( Duration of the Tax Period to be selected)
            •  Tax Amount which is to be paid for the above mentioned duration.

      4.)  Click on "Submit", this will take enable you to view the details you have entered.
      5.)  Select "Ok" to Proceed to payment else "Cancel" to edit.
      6.)  On successful conformation of added record, details pertaining to attempted transaction will be displayed.
      7.)  Kindly make a note of the Transaction ID shown on the screen for further communication with Transport Department related to this payment.
      8.)  To make a payment for the current transaction, click "Proceed to Payment".
      9.)  The user will be redirected to the State Bank of India’s Online Payment Gateway, where the SBI’s Internet Banking User ID & Password
        has to be entered to make Payment.
      10.)  Once the Payment has been confirmed you will be redirected to the Punjab transport website
        from where you can print your computerized receipt.
      11.)  In Case the User intends to take the print out of the payment receipt at later stage, it can be generated by simply Clicking the "Print Your Receipt"
        (appears after clicking the "Pay Taxes for Other State Vehicle") and mentioning the "Transaction ID" or "Registration Number".

      Note: All star Marked Fields are Mandatory.


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