Dealer as Registration Authority


  Agreement with the Transport department


   Internet Connection


   Bank account with State Bank of India with Internet Banking Facility



   Dealers are notified as the Inspecting Authority for the registration of the vehicle.
   Delaer will click the link named as “Dealer Point Registration System” on the Transport Department Portal.

  Dealer clicks this link and a new window will open.

  In this window, dealer is asked to provide his user name and password.
  Dealer enters his username and password on the portal. These credentials are issued by Transport Department.

  Dealer enrolls the full details of owner, vehicle and its insurance. If the vehicle is hypothecated, then he / she also provide the information about the hypothecation.

  After saving the record, he / she is redirected for Registration Mark allocation.

  Here the currently available number is shown and he / she also have the privilege to select in between the next 25 numbers.

  To confirm the registration mark shown on the screen, he / she chooses to make payment of required Fees and Motor Vehicle Tax.

  Payment of Fees and Taxes is done by virtue of Internet Banking facility of State Bank of India, as he / she is redirected to SBI portal for payment on click of payment option.

   After confirmation of payment from SBI, dealer generates the following documents from the Transport Department Portal.

  Receipt for the fees paid
  Receipt for the Motor Vehicle Tax Paid
  Duly filled Form 20 [Application form for issuance of Certificate of Registration]
  Duly filled From 21 [Sale Certificate]

   He / she imprints the chassis no / engine no on the obtained print out of Form 20.

  He / she places his / her seal and signs the Form 20 at the place specified for the Inspecting Authority.

  Dealer will prepare the full file for the vehicle registered and the list of documents to
  be attached in the file are as following:

  Form 20 (application for Registration)
  Form 21 (Sale certificate)
  Form 22 (Road worthiness certificate)
  Address proof of the owner
  Copy of vehicle insurance policy / cover note
  Address proof at which vehicle is to be registered
  Form 34 duly signed by owner & financer (in case of financed vehicle)
  Receipt for the one time road tax & fee for registration
  PAN Card or ITR Form 60 & 61 (as applicable)
  Dealer invoice along with manufacturer invoice
  Self addressed envelope for the owner of vehicle

   He / she sends this file to respective DTO of final registration of the vehicle and issuance of Certificate of Registration

   Issued Certificate of Registration will be sent to the owner of vehicle by courier / registered post.